The Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

stila liquid eyelinerI am the type of person who never leaves the house (or my dorm room) without some sort of black eyeliner on.  Since I have monolids, my eyes need extra definition around the lashline – I could never get away with just wearing mascara because you’d never even notice I was wearing it.  After many eyeliner trial and errors, I have found that liquid liner is the most effective, as it is not only easy to use (although it does require some practice in the beginning), and creates a sharp line that I love so much. Additionally, it doesn’t require a daily brush washing like using a gel liner would. The Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner has become my holy grail of eyeliners. It is not only an opaque jet black, but lasts all day. Yep, I can slap this one across my eyes at 9 am for my first class, then go to take it off at 2 am before bed and it looks exactly the way it did when first applied. It lasts through gym sweat, rain, and even the shower! This is one of the most important qualities for me in a liquid liner, especially since my lashline is always rubbing against my lid since I have a teeny tiny crease there. All other liners smudge and end up on the top of my lids or in my inner corner, but not this one.  And although it has incredible staying power, it is very easy to remove at the end of the day! I also love how it is a felt tip pen applicator; in my opinion these pen-like liners are the easiest to use and don’t require frequent dipping back into the pot to get more liner.  This tip in particular is quite pointy, allowing you to create a very precise line for the end of the “cat eye.”

stila liquid eyeliner swatch

Check out how black that is!

The way I apply liquid eyeliner is to hold my eye closed with my finger (I’m not one of those cool cats who can close one eye on demand), and create a horizontal line from the inner corner to about ¾ of the way across my eye. Because of the curve of the eye it will not hug the lashline the whole way, but this is perfect because the liquid liner should be thinner in the inner corner of the eye and thicker at the outer corner. Then I draw a line from the very outer corner out in the same direction as my lower waterline, as if the waterline was being extended. Then I connect the top line and fill in the little triangle. It took me a while to get the hang of it without making mistakes (a lot of Qtips went into this process) but now it’s such a quick and easy step in my routine.

stila eyeliner 1

My everyday “flick”

This amazing eyeliner costs $20 and can be found at Sephora or on In addition to black, it comes in a deep chocolate brown, bright blue, steel gray and white. I have turned on a lot of my Asian friends to this miracle product and they all agree on how great it is. I would definitely recommend this to any Asians as well of those who want a long lasting, easy to use liquid eyeliner!

What type of eyeliner do you like to use?



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