Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm: A Review

dr. jart+ water fuse bb creamYes, I’ve finally hopped on board the BB train! Even before the BB cream (aka blemish balm) trend exploded in the US I had been dying to try this miracle product that was Korea’s most treasured invention. For those of you who do not know what BB cream is, it is an all-in-one facial product that combines the effects of moisturizer, sunblock, primer and foundation.  It originated in Germany to help patients protect and improve the appearance of scars, however it is most widely used in Korea.  Because of its popularity there, many BB cream formulas have skin whitening/brightening and anti-aging properties, as bright, youthful, pale skin is highly prized..  In addition, not only are traditional Korean BB creams supposed to look more natural on the skin than foundation, but they only come in one gray-toned shade that oxidizes to match the skin tone of the wearer.

In preparation for my first BB purchase, I did a lot of research as to which particular brand I wanted. There has been a lot of negative feedback on American BB creams so I decided Korean was the way to go! I ended up going with Dr. Jart (as opposed to other leading brands such as Skin79, Missha, and Lioele*) because it has a more sheer coverage (and is easier to buy in the States). The specific cream I have is the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm, which can be found at Sephora for $34. Although it is targeted towards oily skin types, I wanted to give this a go since it is supposed to be super moisturizing, and I’m a sucker for any product that offers moisture to my drying skin.  In fact, this BB cream is made of 50% water and has Advanced Water Bead Technology.

dr Jart water fuse bb cream swatch

Left: unblended. Right: blended

The color actually isn’t gray at all in my opinion, but rather pink. I was at first hesitant about how this would blend into my skin, as I’m really yellow-toned, but after about 5 minutes it looked completely natural. I applied the BB cream with just my fingers – I had heard about that because of the Water Bead Technology, small droplets of water appeared on the skin before being absorbed and I was worried that this unique process may be altered with a brush.  I think my choice was perfect because as soon as the product hit my skin it thinned out due to the water droplets and blended into my skin perfectly as you can see above.

Caution to all my readers though: a little goes a long way! I use a nickel size MAX for my entire face – way less than I would for regular foundation. The first time I tried it I made the mistake of applying a thicker foundation-like layer and it left my face a pinky mess, unable to oxidize with my natural skin tone.

Overall, I love this BB cream. It’s a great alternative to foundation on days when I just don’t feel like spending 10 minutes blending, blending, blending on my face or when I don’t feel like I need that much coverage (yay for good skin days!). Although in some places I do still need concealer (like under my eyes and by my jawline), my face is evened out with a dewy, natural finish. This is the type of product that you cannot even see on the skin! The only down side is that since there is only one shade, it is for fair to light skin tones only. While this can be a great option for the paler, winter months for the normally more light-to-medium girls, I’d say this is near impossible to wear for those with darker skin.

I’d recommend this to women of all skin types who don’t like to normally wear a lot of makeup, or to those that would like sheer, natural coverage.

Have you tried BB cream yet?


*Korean brands such as these can be found here

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