A Pop of Purple


I love bright colors. I love brightly colored clothes, lipsticks, prints you name it. However one thing I do not love are bright colors on my eyes. Some people can totally work it, but I just end up looking like a scary drag queen. However, 2 years ago I discovered a way to wear bright fun colors on my eyes that is subtle yet flashy. I like to stick with a neutral eye shadow all over the lid, or none at all, with a brownish taupe shade in the crease if I’m not too lazy. My go-to crease shade is Urban Decay Buck, which is in the Naked Palette. Then as my pop of color I reach for a bright colored eyeliner, which today is the NYX Slide On Pencil in 10 Purple Blaze. While most people’s eyes would look great with just that one eyeliner, I personally think I need more definition so I make a super thick line with the purple, then a very thin line with black liquid eyeliner. Then, I finish the look off with mascara and I’m done with the eyes!

I love this look because it is so easy to do-literally takes 2 minutes. It’s also subtle in that when you’re looking at me straight on you can’t tell I have anything out of the ordinary going on, but when I blink or look down you can see a flash of color. My favorite color to use with this eye-look is purple since it’s flattering for all eye colors, but I’m dying to get a cobalt blue liquid eyeliner for this look! A bright yellow could look super edgy, and so could a lime green. For the rest of the face I like to keep things very neutral, fresh and dewy so no one would every suspect anything crazy would be going on with the eyeliner.

How do you like to wear bright colors on your eyes?



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