L’Oreal Infallible 24-Hour Eye Shadows: A Review

loreal infallible eyeshadows1 loreal infallible eyeshadows 2
I have to say, these eye shadows may be the best drugstore eye shadows I have ever encountered at the drugstore. While I’m not sure if they last 24 hours (who wears makeup that long??) they certainly hold up to L’Oreal’s claims of being fadeproof, waterproof, and a velvety texture. When I swipe my finger across this formula, it does indeed feel velvety smooth! In fact, I would classify these eye shadows as more like pressed pigments than real powder shadows, as they are compressed by little plastic pieces under the lid, and if they break or crack, you can just smush the product back together and it looks brand new. What I love so much about these shadows is how long they last and how shiny and metallic the finish is. After I swatched these on my hand I tried to wash it off with just water and they didn’t move an inch – they actually seemed to shimmer more under the water! This makes me wonder – have I found the perfect eye shadow for the beach?

The shades I own are 888 Iced Latte, a true champagne, 997 Eternal Sunshine, a yellow gold, and 892 Amber Rush, a bronzed rose gold. All of these are strong metallic and look absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight. I love to use Iced Latte as an inner corner highlight if I’m going out, or all over the lid paired with a red lip. It’s without a doubt my most-used! Eternal Sunshine is my perfect gold shadow, as it is shimmery, very yellow-toned as I mentioned, and isn’t too orangey or bronze. My newest of the three is Amber Rush, and although I tend to stay away from pinker browns and neutrals, this one actually compliments my brown eyes quite nicely when applied to the outer corner and underneath my lower lashline. Because of the loose-pigment-like formula, I prefer to apply these with my finger and pat them directly onto the lid, no primer necessary. Even with my monolids they don’t crease and last all day!

Left to Right: Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush

Left to Right: Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine, Amber Rush

Same swatches in the sunlight

Same swatches in the sunlight

But, what makes these shadows so phenomenal in my opinion is the price: $7 at your local Target or drugstore! These lovely shadows come in 18 shades ranging from neutrals like mine to bright pink and teal so definitely go pick one up and give them a try!

xo Olivia


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