The Ultimate Top Coat

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Ladies. You have not had a manicure until your nails have been coated with the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. This miracle product guarantees beautiful, glossy nails, no matter how sloppy or fingerprinted the polish is underneath. And, even better, you can buy it at the drugstore for only $7. Amazing, I know. This top coat dries in literally 2 minutes, faster than any other top coat I’ve ever used, and finds the perfect middleground between gloppily thick and too thin.

It’s incredible actually, I never realized how unique this top coat was until I left it at school when I went home, and was forced to use a generic random other top coat instead. My nails took forever to dry, and when they finally did, they weren’t smooth and hard, but instead had tiny dings and marks on the top. I’ve also found that many salons use this top coat – proof it’s the best of the best!

Go ladies, go! Run to your closest drugstore and pick this top coat up!

xox Olivia


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