Bumble and bumble Defrizz: A Review

bumble bumble defrizzBumble and bumble has done it again! Their Defrizz is by far my favorite and most used hair product. The packaging claims that it will “smooth and tame, leaving hair shiny and amazingly soft” and boy oh boy does it do just that. All you need of this serum-like product is a teeny dime size amount at the most (more will make your hair seem greasy) and when worked all over the hair, it gets rid of frizz and flyaways and leaves your locks with an incredible shine. I normally use Defrizz when my hair is in its “almost dry” phase after a shower, where it’s not damp or wet, but is in the frizz-stage of dry. I rub it between my fingers and smooth it over the entire outer shell of my hair and voile, no more frizz. I also use it in the mornings after I wake up around my part where my baby hairs have a tendency to get frisky and go every-which-way. This keeps them in check and prevents them from springing loose during the day. Unfortunately, Defrizz has no odor, which I would normally consider a good thing but since I adore how Bumble and bumble products smell, it’s definitely a con in this case.

The larger 4 oz. bottle retails for $27 which is a bit pricey for a hair product, but because you only need a minuscule amount at a time it lasts forever. The only reason why my bottle is half full is because my roommate accidentally knocked it over and some spilled out (it’s ok Sar, I still love ya). But since then I’ve used it every day and the level has barely gone down at all. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. Bumble and bumble products can be found in select stores but can also be bought online on their website.

What’s your go-to hair product?

xox Olivia


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