Tip &Trick Tuesday: Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

image (5)image (4)We as humans have a tendency to stay within the box and stick to labels. But, sometimes it’s fun to go a little crazy and break the rules, especially if we’re feeling a bit lazy. You all know that I love me some eyeliner; in fact, I simply can’t go without it. Usually I reach for my Stila liquid liner since I love that sharp, crisp black line, but sometimes I feel like looking a little softer. So, I use eyeshadow, as an eyeliner.

image (17)What you need: a black or dark brown eyeshadow (I use Busted and Blackout from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette) and an angled eyeshadow brush like the Sephora one pictured. Once my eyeshadow is complete, I load up the brush with brown shadow. Then I pat the eye shadow alone my lashline, keeping the color as close to my lashline as possible. At the outer corner I make a line extending out from my lower lashline, like I do with liquid eyeliner, and then connect it to the long line previously created along my lashes. I like using brown eyeshadow first to create the shape before going over it with black eyeshadow because it can easily be blended out if a mistake is made.

This technique looks super natural if you decide not to wing it out, and is a great alternative to stick or liquid eyeliner as it is much less harsh. The powder also blends into the lashes a lot better than a normal eyeliner. As you can see from the picture above it looks just like pencil eyeliner!

Have you used eyeshadow as eyeliner before?

xox Olivia

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