Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: A Review

estee lauder advanced night repair serumThis incredible serum has been part of my life for the past month (Valentine’s present to myself) and after giving it a lengthy go, I found it necessary to review for you all since it has become a staple in my nightly skincare routine.

The point of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex is to reduce visible signs of aging by neutralizing environmental agents that damage the DNA of your skin before they set into your skin overnight. As the majority of aging is due to environmental assault such as harsh weather and pollution in the air, I jumped on this product as soon as I realized how effective it can be in the long run. After about 15 solid minutes of furious googling, I encountered many women (age 60+) that swore by ANR’s miracle anti-aging properties. They claimed their juvenile skin was kept so young solely due to this product. If I wasn’t 100% sold before, I sure was then. So, $55 later a little package arrived in my post box and my trial period began.

estee lauder anrAs you can see, the packaging includes a dropper instead of a usual pump. The product itself is a watery orangey-brown sort of color and to be honest, it stinks. Not a horrible smell, but definitely a pungent odor that you get used to after a while. I like to think that the more smelly the product is, the more natural as it doesn’t include chemical fragrances to mask the natural smell. At night I use three drops of the liquid-gel hybrid and massage all over my face after washing and toning. The small amount covers my whole face nicely and blends in quickly, leaving my face feeling moisturized but not greasy. I found that in Puerto Rico I didn’t need to apply an extra layer of moisturizer over the top but in the dry air of my door room, it was.

The verdict? I love it. This serum leaves my skin feeling nourished and healthy when I wake up, and if I had had any bumps or spotty bits on my face when I went to bed, they were completely gone by morning. My skin also appears much more radiant when I wake up, leaving me looking like even if I’m not completely awake, my skin is. Plus, I love knowing that all the damage the harsh Hamilton winds and dorm heat systems have done to my skin is reversed overnight and the cells of my skin are doctored and healthy. Yes this product is a hefty $55 for just 1 oz. but I’ve seen worse. Besides, serums are one of the most expensive components of skincare lines and since they are the ones who do the bulk of real work on your skin, they are definitely worth it.

What’s your favorite night serum?

xox Olivia


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