The Ultimate Drugstore Lip Balm

image (39)I am a self-proclaimed lip balm junkie. Well, not completely self-proclaimed as all of my close friends have acknowledged this obsession I have and take advantage of it when they forgot their own lip balms because we all know Olivia always have 1…or 5 in her bag. And to be honest, I’m kind of a lip balm snob. No Chapstick brand for me, I’m not even a huge fan of Burt’s Bees. I usually stick to high end, expensive lip balms – my favorites are actually from Spain. But one day in my college’s convenience store I picked up this gem: Nivea’s Kiss of Moisture. While it is white in the tube, the product applies clear and gives your lips a slight sheen, and does an absolutely fantastic job of moisturizing them. Some products, such as Vaseline, help your lips out at first, but then in the long run strip them of their natural oils and leave you hopelessly dependent on the product. Not this puppy. I can slick it on my lips and have it last hours. In addition, it uses shea butter instead of petroleum to give the lips comfort, so it locks your lips’ natural oils in instead of drying them out.

The packaging is also simple and boring enough to be acceptable for boys to own it. My boyfriend is always stealing my lip balms to use them but hates having to look girly when applying it out of a pot. This is the perfect solution – it’s effective, easy to use (no greasy finger action necessary) and is super cheap ($3!!).

Unfortunately I lost mine over spring break but I can’t wait to pick up another. Have you tried Nivea lip products?

xox Olivia


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