My Top 2 Hand Creams

image (24)Hand cream is something I have really come to depend over the years. I have always suffered from dry skin (especially during the winter) and unattended, it leads to red cracks in my hands. These two amazing hand creams however, have not only prevented my hands from being dry and tight, but have given my skin a healthy look.

The cheaper of the two is Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. A 50 mL tube is only $5 and is perfect for carrying on-the-go. And, it smells delicious. Because the packaging says it is formulated with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow you would think the scent would be sickeningly sweet, but it’s not. It is a combination of fruity and sweet and everyone I know who tries this loves it. The second is L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, which comes in a variety of scents. The one pictured above is just the standard normal variety, but my favorite is definitely the lavender one. The travel size (1 oz) of this product is $10 and the normal size (5.2 oz) is $28. The main reason why I love these two handcreams is because they are super moisturizing, yet non-greasy. Many creams claim to be non-greasy, but take forever to sink into your skin so you’re unable to touch anything for an obnoxiously long time after application. These however, delve deep into the skin immediately and leave your hands feeling nourished and soft. Additionally, the moisture lasts for a very long time, usually until the next hand-washing occurs.

While many may consider hand cream an unnecessary expense, it really makes a difference to me if my hands aren’t super dry and painful in the winter. It’s the little things in life, right? I would definitely recommend both of these products. They can both be found at Sephora, and the L’Occitane one can be found in all it’s varieties at L’Occitane stores.

What’s your favorite hand cream?

xox Olivia



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