Hourglass Opaque Rouge: A Review

hourglass opaque rouge muse1 hourglass opaque rouge muse2Say hello to my very first matte lip product: Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Muse. This lip product in a neon, yet wearable pinky coral goes on wet but dries matte, which can be a great contrast to dewy summer skin. It also claims to last a whopping 14 hours on the lips! So, I had to try it.

I first wore this gorgeous bright shade out to dinner and found that it did in fact, have some serious staying power and didn’t dry my lips out too bad. After eating hearty mexican food, my lips were still stained and had retained the majority of the lip product! Success.

However, the next day I decided to test out the longevity of the product, and slapped it on before heading to work early in the morn. Now, I should let you all know that I am a lip balm addict. ADDICT. Like, if I don’t have one in my bag before I head out to go anywhere, be it a 50 minute class or an entire day, I am miserable. Dramatic but true. So, into the later morning, I could feel my lips becoming drier and drier but when I decided to dab on some lip balm, the product broke down and gooped together. Annoying. After reapplying, the same thing kept happening: my lips just started getting really dry and uncomfortable, to the point that it became almost unbearable.

My verdict? This matte finish looks amazing, but because it’s matte, it’s not moisturizing to the lips and for gals like me, this is not a great fit. I’m definitely glad I bought it to try it out, but won’t be wearing this all day again. For those of you who don’t have a lip balm obsession and excessively dry lips, I’d say go for it!! It does last a super long time and won’t budge (if you don’t put balm on top) unless you have makeup remover, and then it will come off both quickly and easily.

hourglass opaque rouge muse3

Shiny to matte finish!

Note: to apply, remember less is more. I’m serious. The first 3 times I tried applying this liquid lipstick I piled it onto the lips and believe me it did not look good. The trick is to wipe off the doe-foot applicator on the opening of the packaging as much as possible, then sliding the product on as quickly and precisely as possible. It may take some practice to get right, much like that of applying a YSL glossy stain, but once you’ve got it down, its super quick and simple. After applying one coat to the lips, let it set for about 30-60 seconds. If you touch your lips before it has dried matte it will clump up a bit and won’t leave an even coverage on the lips.

What’s the cost of this neon pout? A solid $28, which is pretty standard for a non-drugstore lip product these days. I picked mine up at Sephora, but you can also get it online as well.


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