Why Samples Are My New BFFs

Samples 1 samples 2I don’t know how comfortable you all feel when makeup shopping in either Sephora or department stores, but let’s just say I’ve reached the level where I do not hesitate to ask for samples. Many, many samples. Sometimes it’s because I am dying to try a new product I have no intention of purchasing, or sometimes I actually do want to buy something but would love a test drive before emptying out my wallet.

Recently, it’s been a little of both. I am running low on my darkest shade of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (B40) and as I spend more and more time outside (even walking to and from the subway) I find my skin slowly growing darker and darker. Realistically speaking I don’t need a new one quite yet, however there’s no harm in looking right?

Anyways, I’ve been sampling foundations left and right, agonizing over which will be the next foundation I might purchase, even if it’s a month down the road. Number 1 in the photos above is the Le Teinte Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation, and while I have already tried this formula in BD40, I loved it so much I had to try out BD50 to see if it was a match. And it is, a perfect one. 2 is Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in OC 3, something I’ve wanted to try since reading gushing reviews about the line from Emily Weiss. It is $62 however, so I knew in my heart this purchase was never going to happen, at least in the next few years.

The latter foundation is 60% water, making it seamlessly blend into the skin while providing decent coverage with the lightweight formula.  I was color matched for both of these in Sephora, however I don’t always trust the professionals, oops. My skin is so yellow toned that foundations don’t always look right when applied over the entire face (I don’t match any shade of Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation) and it’s important to remember that people that work in these stores simply want you to buy something, even if it’s not perfect for you. This Koh Gen Do foundation for example, pulls a little too orange on my skin in my current state of tan, and it’s only noticable when my face is slathered with it.

Moral of the story? Samples people, samples. Be aggressive and don’t hesitate to ask! Even if the sales assistants are a bit stingy about it, it’s in your right as a customer to receive samples! Plus, you can always pretend you’re intending to return to purchase the product even if you truly aren’t (sneaky, I know, but what’s a college girl to do when she has expensive taste?). In addition, you can save the sample containers and fill them with your real potions and lotions when you travel!

Have you ever sampled makeup?


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