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Essential Beauty Tools


I’ve found that while many women understand the importance of high quality makeup products, many women do not understand the importance of high quality makeup tools. Makeup is really all about the application – you can have the best products available but if they aren’t applied precisely and correctly, no one will ever know. The most obvious tools that come to mind are obviously makeup brushes (on which a blog post is currently in the works), but the other odd tools are equally important!

Let’s start with Qtips. These little things are simply a godsend. They are cheap, disposable and helpful in a myriad of ways. Cleaning up a eyeliner mishap, a bit of lipstick outside the lines, a mascara clump and smudged eye makeup under the eye after a long day are only the beginning of what these babies can accomplish. Next is the eyelash curler. One squeeze can instantly lift your face and make you seem more alert. Besides, who doesn’t love fluttery come-hither lashes? My personal favorite one is by Shu Uemura but I’ve raved about it enough on this blog to go into again (check out my How to Keep Your Lashes Curled post).

The final three products are almost exclusively for eyebrows but as I consider them to be one of the most important parts of the face they are definitely necessary for every woman to have. The role of tweezers is a given –  to remove those stubborn stray brow hairs in between waxes, threads, or just overall. Let’s be real ladies, having messy brows with a bunch of baby hairs scattered around them is just not a good look. Tweezing every day can prevent this as well as help maintain your overall brow shape. When I was younger and struggling with my brows I realized that if I went a long time between pluckings I would often forget what my natural shape was and end up with different brows every time I did them, but when I take 30 seconds to attend to them on a daily basis I avoid that issue completely! And let’s also not forget that I’m not just talking about any type of tweezers, I’m talking good tweezers and let’s face it, no one does it like Tweezerman.

Cuticle scissors also aid to the brows in that sometimes they just need to be trimmed, a delicate action you wouldn’t use normal scissors for. Plus, I always find that I’m usually doing my makeup while getting dressed, and having a small pair of scissors handy to cut tags is so convenient. It’s the little things, right?   The last essential tool is the spoolie. So useful for combing through your brows to put the hairs into place or blend out a pencil/powder as well as for getting rid of mascara clumps and using mascara on another person. While you can buy one of these at MAC for around $15, you can also just go to your local drugstore and pick up a huge pack of disposable ones for about $5 like I do.

I hope you enjoyed my essential beauty tools – what are yours?