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How to Depot a MAC Eyeshadow

how to depot mac eyeshadow 1As you may (or may not) know, an individual MAC eyeshadow come in a cute little plastic container. As you also may know, MAC makes palettes that can fit 2, 4, or 15 shadows, making your shadow collection travel friendly and space efficient. While you can buy the eyeshadows in a “pan” form that easily fit into the palettes, what if you have ones in containers that you’d like to put in palettes? Easy peasy. ¬†All you need is a MAC eyeshadow, a kitchen knife, piece of parchment paper (optional) and a flat iron.

how to depot mac eyeshadow 2

If you look at the front of the eyeshadow, you’ll see a small little space where the top clasps onto the bottom part. Take the knife and wedge it between there and lift up slightly. The top will just pop out with the pan inside it.

how to depot mac eyeshadow 3Turn on your flat iron as high as it can go, and place the pan & plastic on top. The parchment paper is not necessary (I’ve depotted pans without it) but is a bit of a precaution so that the plastic doesn’t melt all over your iron. Wait for about 30-60 seconds, depending on how hot your iron is.

how to depot mac eyeshadow 4You’ll know when the plastic is ready when the center most part on the bottom is soft and shiny. Then, take your knife or a pen or something and press hard into the center. The pan should pop out easily. If not, put the plastic back on the iron and check back in about 10 seconds! As you can see, the glue should have melted and some will be on the back of the pan.

how to depot mac eyeshadow 5To get the sticker off of the back of the container, put it onto the iron. After about 30 seconds, the glue should be melted, and you can remove the label with tweezers.

how to depot mac eyeshadow 6Put the label onto the back of the eyeshadow pan and voila! All done!

If you have a magnet, attach it to the back of the pan so it will stay easily in the magnetic palette. If not, no biggie, just stick a piece of double stick tape on the back!

The final result:

how to depot mac eyeshadow 7

How do you depot shadows? Do you prefer them in a palette or on their own in single containers?