Revlon: a Day in the Life


For my first blog post ever, I’ve decided to share with you all my experience shadowing at Revlon Cosmetics yesterdayat their corporate headquarters in New York City!

I had an opportunity to shadow Michael Sheehan who works in the Legal department of Revlon, and although I am not particularly interested in law, I am extremely interested in the business behind cosmetics! I got to meet the CEO himself, Alan Ennis, which was pretty awesome considering he is one busy man. A young (only 43) Irish man, he was both friendly and welcoming. He even offered me advice for my future career: to plan out one’s career thoughtfully and wisely, with no rash and quick decisions, a feat difficult for the impatient generation I belong to.

I also got to meet Senior VP Kiki Rees, who is in charge of Global Consumer Engagement, to discuss her role in the company. She explained to me how she works with both the marketing and science/research departments to create products that consumers think they need and will want to buy. These new products are tested by consumers at every stage, even while they are still concepts. Because of this, Rees says it takes at least 18 months for a single new product to be produced and released to the public.

Overall, the experience was awesome, and gave me great insight to the business within cosmetic companies. Although I always dreamed of working PR at the Estee Lauder Companies (as they own the majority of popular makeup and skincare brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, Origins, and Bumble&Bumble), I’ve begun to consider a possible future in any beauty brand, be it high end or drugstore as equal amounts of work go into the behind-the-scenes business. It also made me take Revlon and other drugstore brands way more seriously…Revlon is a global corporation, and although many of the directors and senior vice presidents are men, a business is a business.

What’s your dream job?