Revlon Lip Butters: A Review

revlon lip butterIn my last post featuring bold everyday lips, I highlighted the Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop. However, these brilliant lip products are so amazing that they deserve their own blog post review. These came out last summer and hit the drugstore cosmetic aisle by storm – they were flying off the shelves and were often sold out, classic Revlon.  And as soon as I got my hands on one I understood why: these lip butters are the perfect combination of lip balm and lipstick. They are pigmented like a lipstick, but creamy and moisturizing like a lip balm. Gliding on smoothly, they coat the lips perfectly, and since they aren’t completely opaque, lip liners or lip brushes are not necessary, thank god. Let’s not forget the cute packaging as well! I love how the caps are the same color as the product itself – it even includes sparkles on it if the shade is shimmery. This makes finding which particular color you want a breeze in your lippy storage or handbag.  The quilted pattern is very reminiscent of their Color Burst lipsticks, but I like this a bit better.

revlon lip butters

Fig Jam, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop, Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti, Peach Parfait

The shades I have are Fig Jam, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop, Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti and Peach Parfait, and my favorites are definitely Tutti Fritti and Lollipop.  Starting from the left, Fig Jam looks terrifying in the bullet, like an ugly brown. However, it sheers out to be a brownish wine shade that is incredibly flattering and perfect for winter. Berry Smoothie is one of the first colors I picked up in the store; it’s a very pigmented darker neutral pink with a hint of shimmer. I would definitely consider this an everyday color, but more of an older, more professional shade. Lollipop is a playful and fun bright blue-toned fuchsia with shimmer, but don’t worry, the shimmer is not noticeable on the lip. I love wearing this during the daytime, as can be further explained here. Sweet Tart, I’m so sorry but you are definitely not one of my favorites. It’s a bright pink, but a bit on the bubblegum side which is not  my thing. I don’t wear it very often and sometimes feel bad, but I just can’t make girly pinks work on me! Tutti Frutti, on the other hand, is my summertime favorite. A creamy matte orange, it is the perfect accessory for a tan, especially if your tan leans a bit on the orangey side as mine does. And last but not least, Peach Parfait. I purchased this shade because it is a favorite of Jen from FrmHeadtoToe but honestly I find it way too sparkly for my taste. The actual shade itself is a fabulous neutrally peach, definitely a MLBB (my lips but better), but the sparkles can be a bit chunky and reflect rather obnoxiously in the daylight. Plus, I hate sparkles.

The range of shades is 20-fold, and includes pastel baby pinks, brighter pinks and various shades of red in addition to the ones I own. These Lip Butters retail for about $6.50 in drugstores and are well worth the price, especially for those trying out lipsticks but aren’t ready to commit completely.

Have you tried Revlon Lip Butters?


Tip & Trick Tuesday: Daytime Bright Lips

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Wearing the Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop

So. Yeah. It’s not Tuesday. Sorry! But, I still want to share a tip & trick with you all!

I love bright lip colors. All my best friends know one of the main reasons I want to graduate college and enter the workplace is so I can wear lipstick every day (among other more serious reasons of course). However, living on a college campus I find I rarely ever wear any sort of color on my lips, except for maybe a tinted lip balm. How unfortunate and un-glamorous. But, some days like today I decide I just don’t give a damn, today’s going to be a lippy day. That being said, it doesn’t mean I feel comfortable strolling into class or the library with a full on hollywood matte red lip, so I’ve decided to share with you how to wear a bright lip in a casual daytime setting.

To me, lips that are overly matte or overly glossy are not daytime appropriate. They both look and are quite high maintenance, and let’s be real, no one has time to be touching up their lipstick every hour. I prefer to stick to products that are bright, but also moisturizing and therefore slightly glossy; a lipstick and lip balm in one you could call it. The most qualifying lip product of this category is the Revlon Lip Butter (review coming soon!). The shade I have been slicking on my lips most recently is Lollipop, a blue toned fuchsia with the slightest hint of shimmer as it is not only fun, but makes your teeth look extra white! Revlon has seemed to find the perfect balance of both pigmented and wearable in this color – it’s not too shiny and it’s not too matte.

To accompany a bold lip for daytime wear, I like to keep the rest of the face pretty neutral: a tinted moisturizer or sheer coverage foundation, a swipe of black eyeliner and mascara and a neutral pinky brown blush. I find that too much eyeshadow combined with a bright lip can not only be distracting, but seem too formal for daytime wear, especially for college life. This combo is a great way to try new things (like a fun lippy)!

Hope you enjoyed this tip of the week!

xx Olivia