Mascara Fails

mascara failsLike many women out there, I am obsessed with Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara. It has been and will be my one true mascara love and it fulfills all the asian eyelash qualifications for a gold star. However, my eye does wander sometimes…is there a better option out there? I kept hearing soo many things about the two mascaras above and couldn’t help but try them out. The conclusion? No, there is nothing better than The Falsies…at least for my stick straight asian lashes!

mascara fails2The first mascara pictured, L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, is a cult favorite that makes the lashes of many fine ladies thick and voluminous, as the label claims. The second, L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Waterproof Mascara boasted lengthy, defined lashes thanks to its thin rubbery wand. Both did both these things. My lashes were given incredible volume with the Carbon Black, and were made long and fluttery with the Telescopic. BUT. Yes there is a major but. Neither of these formulas lived up to the “waterproof” myth that usually comes true, that waterproof mascaras hold their curl. They flopped within minutes of initial application. And even when I gave my lashes another squeeze in the ole curler after, they didn’t stay perky and upright like they should. In fact, from straight on it didn’t even look like I was wearing mascara at all.

I’d definitely recommend these mascaras for non-asians, people whose lashes are already curled or aren’t stick straight! But for me, there were simply mascara fails.

Disappointing Products #1


When you’re as much as a beauty product freak as I would, you’d understand what a letdown it is to find out a product you’ve been looking forward to purchasing for weeks does not at all live up to your expectations. This, unfortunately, occurred with all three of these featured products.

benefit they're real

Benefit’s They’re Real

I have always been a firm believer in only using drugstore mascaras. Why spend $30+ on a product you’ll have to replace every 3 months (or 2 if you’re me)? However, Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara almost had me convinced otherwise. So, when I received it as a freebie because of my points at Sephora I jumped for joy. However, the worry I felt towards the formulation not being waterproof enough to hold up my straight Asian lashes quickly turned into a reality. Although yes, the mascara gave me insane volume and length that would amaze the average woman, my lashes immediately flopped and lost the curl my curler worked so hard to create. I would recommend this to those girls who already have long lashes, but not for those Asians like me with straight horse lashes that really need a curl.

caudalie beauty elixir

Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir

This is one of those products I really wanted to like, but just couldn’t. Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is a cult product, and a pricey one at that. Since the full size bottle is close to $50, I decided to stick to the 1 oz bottle for $18 which is still not cheap considering how fast the product goes. Caudalie claims this mist can be used not only as a toner, but also as a makeup setting spray (to help your makeup last longer). I tried using it both ways, and was not overly impressed. It smells deliciously herb-y (not a word I know but it’s the only way to describe it) but I did not notice any smoothing of the skin, tightening of the pores or “instant burst of radiance” as the bottle promised. This could be because I have pretty good skin to begin with, so if the essential oils and plant ingredients could actually improve my skin, I wouldn’t notice I guess. But what I did notice, was that after spraying my face only a couple of times, a significant amount of liquid was gone from the bottle! If I used this as a toner twice a day, and to set my makeup, the puny 1 oz bottle would be gone in about two weeks. Not worth the $18 if you ask me, especially if you’re a college girl on a budget.

nyx slide on

NYX Slide On Pencil

I first gave NYX Slide On Pencils a try because I heard they were a dupe for Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils, but only cost $8 instead of $19. In the beginning, I found that these pencils were just that: creamy, pigmented, and long wearing. My main use of the black one was to tightline my upper lashline in order to fake the appearance of thicker lashes. At first I thought the black one was doing a great job, then I started noticing the smudging. Even after I let it set, it always ended up on my waterline. While I have found the other colors do last a long time on the upper lid or underneath my lower lashes, they are no good for tightlining, which makes them a disappointment in my eyes (no pun intended).


Mascara Trick for Monolids

For all my fellow monolidders out there, this one’s for you. For those who are unaware of what a “monolid” is, let me enlighten you. A “normal” eye consists of a lid, crease (or socket), and brow bone area. However with most Asians, the crease is pretty much non-existent, leaving an extended lid that turns into the brow bone. For many years, I struggled with eye shadow application, as I had really only seen makeup for white people, being adopted and living in an all white town and all…but what I really struggled with, was mascara. Once I curl my lashes with my fabulous Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (which unfortunately is no longer available in the US) my stick straight lashes are curled to perfection and no longer point downwards. The only thing about this is that when curled they touch my eyelid, making application of mascara impossible without leaving black marks on my lids and eye shadow. At first I just tried cleaning up the smudges with Qtips, however it was tedious and a rather annoying step to my already long makeup routine. Upon discovering this trick, my routine has been shortened, and a new staple “tool” added!

All you need is scissors, and a index card.  Cut the index card in half, and then half again, leaving a long rectangle. Then, cut a half moon shape in the edge of the card, as shown below.


I use this as a sort of shield to prevent mascara from getting on my lids by placing the card over my eye with the cutout at the roots of my lashes.  Therefore, when I’m applying mascara, the excess gets on the card instead of my lid! This card can also be used on the lower lashes as well: just put the flat side under your lashes and apply mascara. To increase the longevity of the card, you can use both sides, and add an extra cutout to the opposite side.

I hope this mascara trick is as helpful to all the other Asians out there as it was for me!