NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: A Review

NARS concealer 1This product has experienced a lot of hype in the beauty community, from blogs to youtube to word of mouth. I was pretty hesitant to try it; I desperately wanted to but was faced with the reality that I was quite content with the amazing Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer – did I really need another concealer. Yes. Oh yes. After two of my suitemates brought this puppy home and let me play with it, I couldn’t help but scurry down to the Meatpacking Sephora and pick one up for myself.

The packaging is a bit unusual for a concealer: it is basically in a lip gloss tube, complete with a doe foot applicator. I’m slightly worried that by the time I get to the end of this product, there will be some at the bottom of the tube I won’t be able to get out, but since you only need a teeny amount at a time, it’s not a major concern at the moment. Like a true NARS product, the packaging is classy and simple, with their trademark black texture incorporated onto the top of the tube. I quite like the sleek and travel-friendly container, and it’s easy to find in a makeup bag.

I decided to go with the shade Ginger, which is described as having a “golden undertone for medium complexions.” It matches my face perfectly, and though it’s a bit dark for under my eyes, in combination with my Bobbi Brown Corrector (which is a bit light for me), it works out perfectly.

To apply, I dot the product onto my brow bones, a couple dots under the eyes, around the mouth and on any blemishes. I then blend with my ring finger under my eyes, and with a brush on the rest of the face. It’s liquidy texture is a dream to blend, especially because of its high pigmentation. The finish it produces on the skin is definitely “radiant” and glowy yet still natural. I find that it creases a small amount under the eyes, but when set with a powder, lasts the whole day!

This concealer can be found at Sephora or any NARS stores or counters for $28, pretty standard for a higher end product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a long lasting concealer, and I mean anyone. The product comes in 10 shades, ranging from ivory to a deep ebony.

What’s your favorite concealer?


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl: A Review

NARS velvet matte lip pencil dragon girl 1This is one of those cult classic products that you just can’t help but pay attention to, especially if you are a lip product fiend like I am. This lip crayon is smooth and velvety, like the name claims, and is way easier to apply than a lip liner, lipstick, lip lacquer etc., which makes it great for noobies or for a last minute makeup look. NARS makes these pencils in a variety of formulas: glossy, satin, and matte, however I find the matte ones the longest wearing, and the most transfer-resistant.

NARS velvet matte lip pencil dragon girl 4

Dragon Girl is a magenta-toned fuchsia-toned red (as opposed to Red Square which is more orange-red) that lasts for hours on end without drying. Yes, not even drying on my dehydrated, lip-balm addicted lips.  To apply, revert back to your coloring book days and literally draw onto your lips. The formula is creamy and smooth and glides onto the lips without tugging. I usually line my lips first then fill in the lines! Once completely filled in, your lips are all set for eating, drinking, and many many hours of red-lipped enjoyment.



As you can see, the matte finish is very striking and modern, especially against dewy summer skin! (left) Sometimes I like to throw on a red gloss on top to add some extra sheen, like the YSL Sheer Candy in Cherry (right). Overall I’m completely obsessed with this product. I love how easy it is to use, and how long it lasts. I can wear this confidently out to dinner or out at night without worrying about it fading too much or looking awkward. It also removes easily with makeup remover which is a huge plus – I hate when you still have remnants of last night’s lip liner on when you wake up the next morning! Even better, because it is blue-toned, it makes your teeth look incredibly white and really brightens the face. No doubt that this product has become my go-to red lip.

Dragon Girl is available for $25 at Sephora or NARS stores/counters. It is a great price for what you get, as you don’t need top sharpen it overly frequently or reapply it. Something to note however, is that you need a jumbo sharpener to accommodate the size. I picked up a cheap Sephora brand sharpener that works great.

What is your favorite red lip?


NARS Luster Blush: A Review

NARS lusterNot going to lie, I have lusted over this blush for months (so punny I know). But really I am obsessed. As you may know NARS is known for their blushes and bronzers – they are all incredibly creamy and pigmented, and blend beautifully on the skin. Luster is no exception. I first came across this blush because I had been wanting to buy another NARS blush, but also wanted one that was subtle yet flattering and would look great with a tan going into the warmer months. Although it looks pretty boring in the pan, Luster is a fantastic apricot shade that brings a healthy, glowing flush to the cheeks without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

nars luster swatchAs you can see in the swatch, there is definitely some shimmer going on. This is a pretty heavy swatch so it may appear a bit glittery and chunky, but let me assure you it is not on the cheeks. The sheen really makes you look awake and radiant, and eliminates the need for highlighter! This shade is also perfect for all skintones – it’s not quite peach enough to appear orange on fair skins, and it can be built up to appear flattering on darker skintones. In fact, this is the most pigmented NARS blushes I have ever come across, and one of the most buildable as well. I normally apply with a Sigma Duo Fibre F50 Skunk brush because it doesn’t pick up a whole lot of product at a time and fits perfectly on top of my cheeks. Then I pat instead of swipe the product onto my cheeks and voilá, all set. This has easily become my go-to blush as it matches with everything!

You can find NARS Luster at Sephora or NARS counters for a standard price of $29.

What’s your favorite NARS blush?

xo Olivia

NARS Sin & Casino Duo: A Review

nars casino sin duoThis product I will forever hold dear to my heart – my very first blush/bronzer purchase. And let me tell you, it has remained one of my favorites even after many other cheeky products have been added to my growing makeup collection.  I will start off by saying that NARS powder products are absolutely amazing: pigmented, finely milled, and in extremely flattering shades.  Many of you have probably heard of the cult favorites NARS Orgasm Blush (crude name I know) and NARS Laguna bronzer, but have overlooked Sin and Casino.

nars sin casino swatchSin is a beautiful plum/berry with a hint of gold shimmer running through it, perfect for fall and winter. Although it looks super dark and daunting in the pan, it appears much more pink on the cheek. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it gives the skin a rosy appearance, but it’s perfect for giving the skin some color it desperately needs in the colder months.  I find that on days when I’m not sure what blush to wear, I end up reaching for Sin as it perks up my face and adds a subtle highlight due to the gold shimmer. Something to note about Sin is that it is super pigmented. More than one light dab of the brush in this and my cheeks look like those of a painted doll, a scary sight. As much as I use Sin in the winter, I use Casino in the summer. It has become one of my favorite summer bronzers since it’s dark enough to show up on my tanned skin and is neither too brown nor too orange. I know in my picture it looks a bit orange but it’s just the lighting I swear! Casino is also perfect because has enough shimmer in it that it could be used to bronze up the face, but sparse enough to be used as an effective contour.

This product retails at $41, which may sound like a steep price but is actually a great deal. Individual NARS blush and bronzers cost $29 and $33 respectively, so both for $41 sounds great to me! Yes, there is a significant downsize in the amount of product in the duo compared to the full size versions, but these powders seem to last forever, and have I mentioned how pigmented they are? Let’s also remember how sleek and simple the NARS packaging is. The rubberized compact feels both sturdy and professional and come on, who can resist black and white packaging? I would definitely recommend this product, especially those who are just getting into blush and bronzer as I was when I purchased this!

What’s your favorite blush/bronzer duo?

xo Olivia

Tip & Trick Tuesday: How to Brighten Your Eyes

I’ve decided to start a new series on OBbeauty: Tip & Trick Tuesdays! Every Tuesday I will be putting out a post with a makeup, skincare, or nail tip or “how to.”

For my first post of this nature I am sharing my favorite tip for brightening your eyes! Every girl has those days when she wakes up, looks in the mirror and wishes her eyes weren’t so red and tired, or wishes she looked more awake. A quick trick to accomplish these early morning desires is to apply a nude or peach colored eyeliner on the waterline. This will not only cancel the redness in the eyes but also make the whites of your eyes seem bigger, and therefore your eyes seem bigger. Some people like to use white eyeliner, however I find it to look too artificial and harsh.

DSCN1870DSCN1873My personal favorite nude eyeliner is Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte as it lasts all day and is neither too light nor too dark peach. It does cost $23, however is completely worth every penny.  Other brands that make similar liners are Tarte, MAC, and Stila.

Hope you enjoyed my very first trick!