tip & trick tuesday

Tip & Trick Tuesday: Zit Zapper for Sensitive Skin


Rubbing alcohol: cheap, common, and best of all, great for getting rid of zits gently but effectively. Most products in the drugstore contain salicylic acid, which for girls with sensitive skin like me, can produce breakouts instead of stop them. Rubbing alcohol is a great alternative as it is drying and cleans the area from bacteria that can make the spot even worse but won’t make you break out. Whenever I have raised bumps on my skin or a breakout I can tell is around the corner, I dip a Qtip into rubbing alcohol and then dab onto these pesky places. I’ve found it’s most effective after toner but before moisturizer and serums are applied. This won’t completely get rid of your spot if it’s quite bad, but applied overnight it will significantly decrease the size and redness! It works the very best on white heads (gross I know) because of the drying agents. I’m lucky enough to have never had real acne and all I get is a few stress or hormonal spots then and again. Of course serious acne needs more intensive products to heal but for those who have sensitive and minor spots I’d definitely recommend giving this a try!


Tip & Trick Tuesday: How to Keep Your Lashes Curled


For those girls out there who have lashes that grow straight down, as mine do, I’m sure you can relate to my teenage struggles in how to keep them from falling down.  Before I discovered eyelash curlers I would put attempt to apply mascara on these dreadfully straight lashes, and hope they would make my eyes look bigger and more defined. What a fail. Then when I was 16, a wonderful senior in my boarding school dorm introduced me to the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, which she told me, was the best for Asian lashes.  She was right! It fit my flat almond-shaped eyes perfectly, unlike the Revlon one my mother had that I had tried when she wasn’t looking. It made my eyes look bigger and my face look more awake with just one squeeze per eye! But despite this fabulous tool, I found that as the day went on, my eyelashes got droopier and droopier.

Enter waterproof mascara, the answer to all my problems.  The formula for waterproof mascara is oil-based instead of water-based, so it lasts longer and dries in a more rigid form than regular mascara. Although yes, it is much more of a pain to remove, it keeps your lashes in the exact position you want them to be all day long. I can pop on my mascara at 8 am and by the time I’m ready to take it off at god only knows what time of night, my lashes are perky and look freshly mascara-ed.

Note: waterproof and water-resistant are not one and the same. Water-resistant mascara will hold your curl for a couple hours, but will leave you with droopy, straight lashes by the end of the day.

For those who want to keep their lashes curled but don’t like waterproof mascara, many makeup artists recommend using a waterproof formula on the base of the lash, right where the curl is, and a regular formula on the tips!



Tip & Trick Tuesday: How to Brighten Your Eyes

I’ve decided to start a new series on OBbeauty: Tip & Trick Tuesdays! Every Tuesday I will be putting out a post with a makeup, skincare, or nail tip or “how to.”

For my first post of this nature I am sharing my favorite tip for brightening your eyes! Every girl has those days when she wakes up, looks in the mirror and wishes her eyes weren’t so red and tired, or wishes she looked more awake. A quick trick to accomplish these early morning desires is to apply a nude or peach colored eyeliner on the waterline. This will not only cancel the redness in the eyes but also make the whites of your eyes seem bigger, and therefore your eyes seem bigger. Some people like to use white eyeliner, however I find it to look too artificial and harsh.

DSCN1870DSCN1873My personal favorite nude eyeliner is Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte as it lasts all day and is neither too light nor too dark peach. It does cost $23, however is completely worth every penny.  Other brands that make similar liners are Tarte, MAC, and Stila.

Hope you enjoyed my very first trick!